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Business idea

The idea means opportunity!  


If you have a unique and innovative idea, that means that you have an opportunity and you have reach the point when you are becoming an entrepreneur. The idea is the most important pre-condition for creating a new business. Make it happen! 


Is now the right time? 



If you always wait for “better times” or you consider yourself not to be “ready” yet, you should know that there is no better moment than the present! 



Do not wait; start realizing what you believe beginning from today! 



To establish and develop a successful business, it is necessary to put a lot of hard work, will, energy and persistence in it. Managing your own startup company is more than a job. It is a pleasure. And then, the result is double! 



The idea needs a support! 


To start a business, of course you need an office, Internet, a room for meetings and so on.  


You think that founding your own company takes a lot of investment? Definitely not! We are here to help you! 




Why YES Foundation?  


Because we offer you conditions so that you can be step ahead from the others: 


- Fully equipped office over a lower price than the commercial, 


- Provided training and consultancies from experts in the field of entrepreneurship, marketing, management, communications etc.  


- Technical and financial support, 


- Using conferences halls and meeting rooms, 


- Help over establishing contacts with many companies in and out of the incubator.



Even the longest journey starts with the first step! We will help you accomplish you ideas!


Submit your business idea! Apply now!