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We are a generator of young and innovative entrepreneurs! Get an insight of our network of companies!


Why YES Foundation?


In the incubator of YES Foundation there are currently 20 mainly ICT oriented startup companies. In the last 4 years from the foundation of the incubator, we, as an organization, together with the companies that are part of us have achieved great results. The newly founded companies have reached a development regarding the market coverage, turnover, opportunities for expansion etc. 75% of the companies that have survived the two-year period of incubation, still work successfully outside our incubator. Some of them are placing their product only on foreign markets.  


Why investing in small businesses?


From the total number of business entities in Macedonia, 99% fall on micro and small companies. They are the ones that create the most of our economy! The best ideas are born exactly in entrepreneurial attempts. The benefits are inevitable: flexibility regarding costs, opportunities for diversification, management and communication.



Helping small businesses, you provide yourself with financial leverage that helps you to raise your business and grow quickly. All in order to, later, enjoy together in bigger sale and bigger number of satisfied customers.  



Sounds promising?



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