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Soft landing

Need a flexible business support?

YES Foundation offers you “Soft Landing” services, mainly for small and medium size companies that aim to enter or to grow on the Macedonian market. You will get an overview of our country, business culture and successful business examples. Our program accelerates learning processes and helps establishing contacts. It gives an access to resources necessary for accomplishing you business goals. Our aim is to provide you a “soft landing” when entering our country.

Serviced based on your needs!

We provide you with information, advices and support in your pursuit over partners and their growth. 

·Finding local partners
·Establishing contacts
·Company profiles


How do we do that?

Join us in our fully equipped and comfortable offices! [линк] Using our model of sharing costs,  you would not have a great impact over your budget. That will let you quickly start your business operations and to explore our big network of contacts. We could provide you support in the following areas:

·Local laws and regulations
·Import/export regulations
·Help over protection of property rights
·Help over employment of qualified staff
·Marketing research
·Information collection
·Company analysis


Ready for a new market?
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