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Expand your horizons! It is never too late to learn!

Why do you need training?

In order to be a successful entrepreneur and to develop you own business or the company that you work for, you need first to develop yourself. Knowledge is power, it is a potential that needs to be possessed in order to be used in the right moment. For a business strategy to be successfully implemented there is a need for knowledge, not just intuition. That is why it is important to continuously improve your knowledge, to follow the changes in the external environment, in the industry where you operate and to be always in step, even more, a step ahead from the others.

Why YES Foundation?

Because we are certified local centre of CISCO Entrepreneurial Institute, we have a great experience in organizing trainings in the area of entrepreneurship, starting a business, financing and developing of the business and so on. 

We have our own facilities – conference halls set with computer equipment where we hold our trainings. We have great trainers who posses great knowledge and skills, backed up with certificates and diplomas in the particular field.

We offer you as well certificate from the European Business Competence License (EBC*L), which is a certificate for non-economists. This is an added value for those who want to start their own business, since it expands their competencies.

That is why you need to invest in yourself!

The price you will pay to participate in mentoring/training, or anything that corresponds your field of work, is tiny as compared to all the benefits you will gain by completing the training. You will be able to contribute more, to bring knowledge that will result in better performance of the whole company. And remember, you can contribute only if you have knowledge that you can put as a stake in your work!