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Digital-Social Entrepreneurship: Disrupting f...

w   Translate social problems into business opportunities through practical tools and techniques!
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Digital-Social Entrepreneurship: Disrupting for Good

The evolution of technology has created considerable societal impact in recent years, however, for most cases, this societal impact has come secondary to the aims of profit generation and commercialization. Digital-social entrepreneurship, or social tech, is growing as a sub-domain of entrepreneurial activity, in which entrepreneurs’ harness technological innovations for the benefit of their society. 
According to the Social Innovation Mapping Report by the Intel Foundation and Ashoka Foundation, digital-social entrepreneurs effectively manage the following: to move beyond digital literacy, incorporate deep stakeholder engagement, alter perceptions of marginalized groups, keep business activity decentralized and effectively communicate the results to a wider audience. Therefore, in this course, we demonstrate how you can use emerging technologies as a way of creating wider societal benefit, whilst also generating profit and scaling impact, and communicating your mission to a wider audience of potential customers and end-users. This course is suitable for anyone curious about entrepreneurship, with an interest in digital technologies or social development, that seeks to eventually start their own social business that utilizes technology for its social mission. Through introducing theoretical concepts of entrepreneurship and inciting broader discussions of societal challenges utilizing a global framework for international development, participants will be taken on a journey from inception to pitching for their own social-tech business idea.
Throughout the program, you will learn about the emergence of ‘social tech’ and digital-social entrepreneurship, case studies of social tech around the world and placed within the context of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). You will also learn about the basics of social entrepreneurship, the emergence of human-centred design in the social entrepreneurship process, and different models of social enterprise. You will discover how digital-social entrepreneurs finance and market their business, and how they measure the impact of their work, before forming a team and designing, developing and pitching your own social tech project to tackle local and global social challenges. You will leave this course with an enhanced understanding of the role of technology in social change, a greater perspective on the importance of entrepreneurship for social impact, and with a set of practical insight, tools and techniques to apply to situations within your own professional context – enabling you to translate social problems into opportunities and solutions through human-centred design.
Week 1: Introduction to Technology and Social Innovation 
   (Total 2 Hours: 1 Hour Lecture, 1 Hour Workshop and 1 Homework Task)
Week 2: Human-Centred Design and Social Business Models
   (Total 2 Hours: 1 Hour Lecture, 1 Hour Workshop and 1 Homework Task)
Week 3: Financing, Marketing and Measuring Impact 
   (Total 2 Hours: 1 Hour Lecture, 1 Hour Workshop and 1 Homework Task)
Week 4: Validation through Planning and Pitching
   (Total 2 Hours: 30 Minute Lecture and 1.5 Hour Workshop)
Course Instructor: Geena Whiteman
Geena is a PhD Student at Cardiff University, researching the emergence of youth digital-social entrepreneurship in Kosovo and Slovenia. She is a course tutor in Business and Entrepreneurship for Oxford Summer Courses and Melio Education, and an ambassador for the World Summit Awards, as well as a finalist for the EU Commission SME Week Essay Competition 2020. She has extensive experience in delivering entrepreneurship training and running social hackathons, running training sessions both across the UK and internationally.